May 24, 2017


Thanks to all Students who participated in the 5 hour Playing marathon Saturday! 

We had loads of new "MATT-ers" sign up after seeing and hearing you!.

PLEDGES should be handed in tomorrow, unless you have been given an extension by Ms Currie. 

Goal $100 per student- keep getting more if you are not there yet!!.

Place your funds in an envelope with your name on it and give to Yogita tomorrow.

THIS WEEK is the LAST WEEK 2 . Don't miss your private lessons and Theory!!

SLIDE SHOW PHOTOS:   We are still taking class photos for year end concert Presentation.
Please help with this and take photos during your child's class. Then Send to Andrea@ .

Your help is appreciated - small close up groups, whole classes or individuals!
Your creative poses too.

"Celebrampton" event O CANADA by MATT  ADVANCED STUDENTS
Intermediates may audition for the 2 or 3 spaces available to join in! 
Saturday June 10 at 11:15 am  in  Rose Theatre Square

A few have not yet  confirmed attendance -do so right away!

Arrive by 11:15 am to set up. N. B. Streets blocked off for the market .
Wear MATT t -shirts and sun block. Bring O Canada Music and clothes pins
More info to come!

MATT YEAR-END SHOWCASE  June 13, 2017 6pm at Holland Christian Homes
All students perform. Invite your family and friends!

June 6 rehearsal 5pm - all stay for the duration- till 7pm
June 13 CONCERT 4:15 arrival / set up/ tuning 4:30 to 5:30 rehearsal
                                   6pm Concert 
LOCATION : Holland Christian Homes: 7900 McLaughlin Rd. Plan to before  start time.
Parking is difficult- car pool if possible. 
Make your travel arrangements today! Notify Yogita if you need a ride.

2. Concert dress: purple MATT t-shirts with colorful or black skirt/pants, dress shoes
3. What to bring: music stand with name on it, instrument
4. Music to bringFolder, containing only concert music - hand in all other items before .

  1. Tuesday June 6 Dress rehearsal  5 pm to 7pm arrive at 4:45 -at Holland Christian Homes 7900 McLaughlin Road . Arrive early. Parking is sometimes challenging.
  2. Tuesday June 13:  Final Concert at HCH  (4:15 arrival 6pm concert).
  3. Tuesday June 20:  Year End Party  at Ms Currie's home 4-to 6 pm




DETAILED PRACTICE  CHARTS REQUIRED FOR START OF ALL CLASSES ALL homework listed below must be practiced during the week- at least 2 or 3 times each.

THEORY  Homework hand out. Joanna, Lilly, Joah, Aaron, Jeremiah. 

 1.CONCERT: O  CANADA! Practice the correct Bowing for the beginning:
                                                  "down--- up-- up down!"  Learn your notes for the swhole song!

2. CONCERT  FINALE :PALLADIO:  Write in note names , practice the hard bars. Thsi week we work on the second half. Make sure you have reviewed and learned the FIRST HALF from this week's class

 3. CONCERT:  Long, long ago:  ALL lines to be learned well , from memory, with correct short and long bows

  4 D scale- Listen for perfect tuning of notes; Check sitting /standing position, bow grip, straight bow, whole bows

 5 CONCERT: Review Twinkles : To play in JUNE CONCERT Long Bows
                                           Mississippi Hot Dog- middle bow  
                                           Run Pony  full and short bows

 REMINDERS to help with Note naming in Palladio:                                        
 Read your staff lines and spaces from bottom line up:

                    Violins: 5 lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fun.  
                             4 spaces : F A C E 

Violas: 5 lines:  (FACE +G) OR Fat  American  Cats Eat  Garbage    
             4 spaces: Great Big Dogs Fight

       Cellos and  Bass: 5 lines: Great Big Dogs Fight Always
                                        4 spaces: All Cows Eat Grass


                         DETAILED Practice charts required for start of all classes - 

    Practice each item below at least 3 times per week:

1CONCERT AFS Book: # 165 - A: violin 1 B: violin 2,  viola and cello 

2.Scale of G
3. CONCERT Heart and Soul: ALL
4.. CONCERT MARCH. Pr. of Denmark -ALL 
              REVIEW with careful counting and military precision!  

5.SCALE of F - (for PALLADIO) :practice reading and playing all notes on your F scale handout, including added higher notes.

6.CONCERT FINALE PALLADIO! ALL students  play at end of concert
Write in note names if needed Work on perfecting one bar at a time- then add the next bar

7. CONCERT OPENINGAll students play O Canada- practice all parts at home

8. SMALL ENSEMBLES for CONCERT - Practice to perform for class !! and CONCERT: DUETS 
                                                   Jonathan,/Nathan. : Judas Maccabeus
                                                               Jordan /Aaron /JohanR :  Blue Bells of Scotland

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