June 14,2017

                           ON A FINE PERFORMANCE!

Our MATT year of classes, lessons and home practice came to its conclusion yesterday with everyone participating in the HCH YEAR END ANNUAL SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE. Many audience members were impressed with what you have accomplished in your first years on your instruments. AND your ability to sit quietly during the show, and move in and out of place in an orderly fashion is to be commended also! 
And as you continue on with good practice habits, much more musical progress and fun will come along with it! 

CONCERT PHOTOS PLEASE :Parents who have concert photos are asked to kindly send a couple of good ones of the group to Yogita or Andrea, to be published in this blog and website!

There are no more MATT lessons or classes, but you can request summer lessons from a private teacher- to KEEP GOING WITH YOUR GOOD PROGRESS (a very good idea!) 
Beginners: we recommend that you work your way through the AFS book as far as you can over the summer.

Please note the  following INFORMATION :

  • instruments are yours till September-remember to keep them safe out of strong sun, and excess humidity. 

  • all sheet music and method books are to be kept safely for return next fall.
    • 17/18 MATT Registration: NOW till June 30 , resuming August 21 to Sept 8 only. Call Yogita or check blog/website to learn registration hours
    • FIRST CLASS of Session 1 for all students is Sept 12. You must be registered ahead to attend this class.
    • Advanced/ Intermediates may be invited to play at the Annual Towers BBQ (no date known as yet)so keep your performance level up on all your pieces!!
    • Sept 9th PERFORMANCE at the MARKET . We have a date to play Sat. Sept 9th at the MARKET . Please put this into your calendar.Time TBA

    MATT YEAR END PARTY - for students and parents:
    Tuesday June 20th 4 to 6pm: year end pool party at Ms. Currie's home

    NB: A Lifeguard will be present. Swimmers must be supervised by their Parents.
    What's happening: 

    • lots of food- carefully preserved from yesterday's generous parent offerings
    • swimming
    • student awards
    • National Music Camp scholarship 2017 winners
    • MATT certificates for all those who fulfilled MATT requirements
    • Play a thon:  final submission of pledges by all remaining students and families
    • $50  gift card prize awarded to student with highest pledge amount submitted
    • Please see email for address: within 5 min drive of the Towers

                       Hugs all round! See you next week!

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