June 21, 2017


Dear MATT Parents and students,

  If you attended the year end pool party yesterday, you received your certificates and special awards, for all your fine efforts this year.  It was wonderful that the weather turned out perfectly for us. And the excellent refreshments Parents provided for the concert last week were so ample that we were able to use them for the party as well.See photos below.

BESIDES the joy of seeing our children at play, I received some very amazing gifts from all of you! You certainly touched my heart with the unexpected presentation of beautiful , and PURPLE! flowers, as well as two very generous restaurant gift cards. Somehow you guessed our longtime favorite restaurant, which we hardly ever afford to visit anymore, and another one which we would just LOVE to visit! 
We will have two lovely evenings to enjoy throughout the next few months, thanks to all of you dear families.

Your participation in Music at the Towers is something which is my great pleasure to share- it is a joy for me to offer the gift of music, which has blessed me in so many ways all my life. So I think it is a WIN-WIN for us all!

Many thanks for your kindness and generosity to me, and for your continuing dedication to this "pearl of great price", MUSIC!

Congratulations on your hard work and dedication!

MATT's Special Award Winners:-

"Positive Musicianship "
Level I Misha Partington and Sophie Hernandez
Level 1 Chloe Yang
Level 1 Mathew Lawson
Level 2 Aswin Senthilnathan
Level 2 Johan Jensen Thomas
Level 2 Johann Ragoobar
Level 3 Mya Norman
Level 3 Riley Partington

"Musical Achievement"
Level 1 Jasjeet Sidhu
Level 2 Johan Jensen Thomas

"Leadership Award"
Level 2 Nathan Merisanu

"MATT Exemplary Leadership Award"
Level 3 Kalpi Patel

Play-A-Thon Winner:
The tied winners of Play a thon - Christian Dal Dosso and Johann Ragoobar will share the $50 award  $25 gift card each! Please be in touch to pick up your gift card before the end of June. Thanks to all for your Play a thon Pledges !! total raised :$2800.

With much love to every student and parent!


  • instruments are yours till September-remember to keep them safe out of strong sun, and excess humidity. 

  • all sheet music and method books are to be kept safely for return next fall.

    • 17/18 MATT Registration: NOW till June 30 , resuming August 21 to Sept 8 only. Call Yogita or check blog/website to learn registration hours
    • FIRST CLASS of Session 1 for all students is Sept 12. You must be registered ahead to attend this class.

    • Advanced/ Intermediates may be invited to play at the Annual Towers BBQ (no date known as yet)so keep your performance level up on all your pieces!!
    Sept 9th PERFORMANCE at the MARKET . We have a date to play Sat. Sept 9th at the MARKET . Please put this into your calendar.Time TBA

                                                         BEST  WISHES FOR A VERY HAPPY SUMMER!!!!  

                                                       KEEP   THAT    MUSIC    PLAYING!

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